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Want to join Open Data Estonia as formal organization?

by Märt Põder on 2016-10-10

We think it is a good idea to bring the OD community tightly together. That means — we want to create a formal organization, an NGO. Finns have done it well, they established a chapter of Open Knowledge Network. This model of formalized activity has brought quick results in getting more data open, launched more exciting and international projects, and created visible active movement in Finnish OD community.

CC-BY Gregor Fischer

Open Knowledge Festival 2014

Open Knowledge International and network is an organization whose mission is to promote — yes, you´ve guessed it! — open knowledge. They are using advocacy, technology and training to unlock information and enable people to work with it to create and share knowledge. They see open knowledge as a mainstream concept, including using, sharing and innovating with data/information.

The initiators are getting together on October 27th, starting 18.30 at the SpeakSmart seminar room, at Telliskivi 60A (4th floor). You are most welcome!

The aim is to discuss and decide the structure and agenda for an organization that…


Maarja-Leena Saar, maarjaleena@gmail.com
Henri Laupmaa, henri@hooandja.ee
Hille Hinsberg, tel 56 473 193, hillehinsberg@gmail.com
Tanel Mällo, tanel.mallo@stats.ee
Märt Põder, tel 55 643754, tramm@p6drad-teel.net